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Lech Piano Tuning offers piano tuning for churches, professionals, residential and commercial clients. Piano tuning services include Piano tuning, piano voicing, piano regulation, piano appraisals and more. Christopher Lech Piano technician is the principal piano tuner for Lech Piano tuning and Maus Pianos in Raleigh.

Christopher Lech has over twenty years of experience tuning pianos in the Raleigh, NC area. Lech Piano Tuning offers one of the highest quality piano services in the triangle area. Christopher Lech is an independent piano technician and piano tuner who maintains a positive working relationship with companies like Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway, Pearl River, Boston, Baldwin, and many others.

Christopher Lech is also an accomplished piano player and piano teacher. To schedule an appointment and have your piano serviced, or if you have any questions about piano care, please call

Lech Piano Tuning Services at 919-880-6033

How often should my piano be tuned?

All pianos need tuning on a regular basis, primarily because of atmospheric changes in humidity and temperature and a piano’s soundboard is made of wood that seasonally expands and contracts.

Most manufacturers recommend 2-4 tunings’ per year. In a concert hall setting, a piano may be tuned as often as once a week. In the home, some people are satisfied with once a year. I can help you determine an appropriate schedule for tuning your piano, based on your particular type of piano, type of usage, and humidity variation in your environment. If your piano goes out of tune rapidly, it may require

a climate control system installation in the piano to stabilize it, which can save you money over time by not having to tune as often. Even if the piano “just sits” it needs to have maintenance tunings to maintain its value; pianos left un-tuned for long periods of time can become very expensive to bring back to playing form, or worse, can also void the pianos warranty.